ADS Accessories

ADS offers a variety of accessories and tools for all ADS suspension products. Customize your ADS product to suit your needs.
If you are an ADS fan and want to show the world be sure to look at our line of ADS apprarel.

Shock Accessories

Compression/Rebound Adjuster
ADS click adjuster provides 20 clicks of firmness and softness adjustment for any reservoir shock. The adjuster mounts to the reservoir and has an easy to turn knob with a clearly labeled top to allow on-the-fly adjustment of ADS shocks.
With the adjuster you can fine tune the suspension response to match just about any terrain you encounter.
**Please note: Shock must be disassembled to install adjuster
ADS Off Road Shock Compression Adjuster

Billet Reservoir Clamps
Billet CNC machined reservoir clamps that are used to attach shock reservoir to the chassis or other portion of the vehicle. These clamps are a visually appealing and much stronger alternative to hose clamps.
Billet reservoir clamps come in a variety of sizes to fit various size reservoirs and tube lengths.
ADS Off Road Shock Billet Reservoir Bracket

Universal Weld-on Reservoir Mount Kit
Universal weld-on mounting bracket kit for ADS, or any brand, of reservoir. The reservoir is affixed to the welded metal brackets via a high strength hose clamp. This kit is a great solution for permanent reservoir mounting where larger clamps are not an option.
ADS Weld on off road shock reservoir bracket

Universal Reservoir Mount Kit
Universal reservoir mount kit offers a low cost and practical solution for mounting reservoirs to your vehicle. The kit contains a pair of rubber mounts and high quality hose clamps. The universal kit offers an easy, and inexpensive, way to mount shock reservoirs to your vehicle.
ADS universal off road shock reservoir bracket

Eibach Foam Bump Stops
Eibach foam bump stops are a great way to soften the impact of g-outs. The hard micro-cellular foam is designed to withstand years of abuse without deforming or breaking while at the same time giving a much smoother feel when the shock is compressed during operation. Instead a jarring impact when the shock fully compresses the foam stop provides a cushion that progressively slows that shock resulting in a smoother and more controller feel.
**Please Note: Shocks must be disassembled to install foam bump stops.**
ADS off road shock foam bump stop

DirtBagz Coil Spring Wraps
Do you want to keep your ADS coilover shocks looking new and protected from dirt and grime? ADS offers DirtBagz coil overs for an easy and good looking way to protect your investment. DirtBagz covers protect your shocks from dirt, grime, and other debris that could potentially reduce the life of your coilover shock. While ADS shocks are designed to withstand the harshest terrain a little extra protection insures that your shocks will last a lifetime.
ADS DirtBagz off road shock cover

Shock Tools

Spanner Wrench
Billet CNC cut spanner wrench designed for easy adjustment of the preload of coilover shocks. Setting the preload can be a bit of a challenge if you have to turn the spring nut by hand. ADS' billet spanner tool is designed to fit nicely into your hand and is cut to perfectly fit the spring nut of your ADS coilover. The tool fits securely into the spring nut making preload adjustments a breeze on or off the trail.
ADS billet off road shock spanner adjuster


Men's T-Shirts
Do you have ADS shocks on your truck or car? Let the world know that you are an ADS fan with the high quality ADS shock T-shirt.
Available in sizes S-XXL.
ADS Off Road Shock Mens Shock Shirt ADS Off Road Shock Mens Shock Shirt Back

Women's T-Shirts
If you're and ADS girl we've got shirts for you too. In pink with the block logo or black with a tribal logo whatever your taste we've got a shirt too.
Available in sizes S-XXL.
ADS Off Road Shock Womens Shirt ADS Off Road Shock Womens Pink

Women's Tank
Women's tank top with the ADS block logo across the chest.
Available in sizes S-XXL.
ADS Off Road Shock Womens Tank

Zipper Hoodie
Too cold to wear your ADS T-shirt? No problem! The ADS has you covered, literally. ADS' high quality hoodie sweatshirt will keep you warm on this cold nights on the trail while at the same time showing the world that you are an ADS fan.
Available in sizes S-XXL
ADS Off Road Shock Hoodie

Logo Baseball Cap
Protect yourself from the sun with an ADS logo baseball cap. Using a FlexFit baseball cap the ADS logo is stiched into the front of the hat.
The ADS logo can be ordered in Blue, Yellow, or Red. Be sure to specify the color and size when you order.
Hats are sized S/M and L/XL
ADS Off Road Shock Ball Cap

Logo Beanie
ADS' logo beanie starts with a quality beanie with the ADS logo stiched into the front. The beanie is a popular alterative to the baseball cap as a way to cover your head while still showing off that you are a supporter of ADS.
The ADS logo can ordered in Blue, Yellow, or Red. Be sure to specify the color when you order.
One size fits all for beanie
ADS Off Road Shock Beanie