06-Present Tacoma

So you're ready to upgrade the shocks on your 06-present Tacoma.
There are quite a few options out there for bolt-in suspension systems but none are built using race proven parts and technology, except for ADS.
ADS' bolt in Tacoma suspension system is designed to withstand just about whatever you can throw at it.

Tacoma Front Suspension System
The most popular and most effective suspension upgrade for a Toyota Tacoma are the front coilovers.
The coilover suspension that comes from the factory is designed to serve primarily as an on road suspension and for very mild off-roading. The result is a firm street ride and less than stellar off-road performance.
ADS' 2.5" bolt-in coilver system is designed using the same race quality parts that are found in ADS' race shocks. ADS spends hours fine tuning these bolt-in suspension systems so they can be bolted right in and perform at levels that far exceed stock performance.
Coupled with the optional compression clicker ADS' bolt in coilover front suspension is the ultimate upgrade for the 06-present Toyota Tacoma.
ADS' Tacoma front suspension is adjustable from 0" - 3" of lift.
The Toyota Tacoma front suspension kit comes with front coilvers (remote reservoir and compression adjusters optional), swaybar relcation mounts, and rubber body cap isolators.

The tacoma coilover can also be ordered with a rubber isolater that reduces the noise and vibration inside the cab when the coilover twists causing metal on metal contact.

The ADS tophat design addresses a common complaint regarding the integrity of the top hat. Other models of bolt in coil-over resort to cutting the top hat to make room for the reservoir hose. This feature creates a structual weakness which can lead to failure under stress. ADS' design even includes captures studs to make installation much easier. No more holding the shock in place while trying to line up the bolts!
Compare ADS' top hat to the alternative:

Take a look at this user posted picture of a top hat failure:

Tacoma Rear Shocks The Tacoma rear suspension is generally the next upgrade after having upgraded the front.
ADS offers 2.125" or 2.5" emulasion or remote reservoir rear shocks to complement your new front suspension.
Made from the same race quality parts as ADS line of race shocks, the ADS rear shocks are designed to provide a lifetime of race insipred performance.
The ADS rear shock is designed to work with most aftermarket leaf spring packs or add-a-leaf packs that add 1"-2" of lift in the back.
The rear shocks can be purchased with the front shocks as a complete bolt-in Tacoma performance suspension package.

Tacoma Bolt-In Rear Bumpstop Kit
Tthe rear of the Toyota Tacoma is notorious for a harsh ride. Upgrading to ADS rear shocks helps the situation tremendously but to really round out the suspension ADS has incorporated their race proven 2.125" bump stops into a bolt on package that replaces the stock rubber bump stop bracket.
When the suspension bottoms out under hard compression the wheels come to an abrupt stop which feels very harsh in the vehicle. ADS' rear bump stops provide a controlled stop for the last inch or two of compression travel. The result is a smooth transition from suspension movement to full stop and the feel of the suspension stopping is both comfortable and controlled.
The rear bump stop kit is an excellent upgrade for Tacoma owners who want the most out of their rear suspension.

Tacoma Weld-In Front Bump Stop Kit
The front suspension of the Tacoma, once upgraded with ADS front coilovers, is a very solid setup.
For Tacoma owners who want to maximize the performance of their front suspension the Tacoma front bump stop kit provides a controlled compression stop for the front suspension. Instead of slamming into the factory rubber bump stops causing the tires to hit the fender flares and a jarring bump inside the truck the weld in front bump stop kit provides a smooth and controlled stop when the front suspension reaches full compression and the feel is not harsh or violent inside the cab.
If you want the ultimate in suspension control for your Tacoma the ADS weld-in front bump stop kit is the perfect solution.
The weld in kit can be used with factory or aftermarket control arms.