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ADS Bolt-In Shocks

Not everybody wants to significantly modify their vehicle so they can run larger off-road shocks.

People who build dedicated off-road vehicles are comfortable with the idea of cutting and welding shock towers to accepts larger shocks. But to take a torch and welder to your daily driver requires a degree of dedication that most people equate to insanity. While we can appreciate that kind of dedication to off-roading we completely understand not wanting to cut up a perfectly nice dual purpose daily driver.

That's why ADS created our line of bolt-in race shocks. The ADS bolt in line uses the same race proven technology that is found in ADS' line of race shocks.

We routinely get asked why somebody would want race technology in a bolt on shock. The answer is, "it depends". For people who want to get that off-road performance look ADS shocks are probably an overkill. What we find is that most people, when they get out on the trail or in the desert, use their dual purpose daily drivers more like race cars than they do daily drivers.

Like many of you, we've seen people do things in daily drivers that some people wouldn't try in a trophy truck! That's why we build a bolt-in race quality shock. To keep the price down other manufacturers offer their bolt in line with their non-race quality parts. This means more frequent rebuilds and a greater liklihood of broken parts.

ADS bolt-in shocks are desinged to withstand just about whatever you can throw at them and we're pretty confident in saying you'll break something else on the vehicle before you hurt the shock!

ADS bolt-in shocks are available for the following makes of vehicles: