ADS Off Road Shocks - Take Control

The cornerstone of any off-road suspension is the shocks. While basic shock design has remained largely unchanged, the technology and material that goes into shock absorbers has been evolving. ADS takes pride in using only the finest materials and the latest technology in our off road shock absorbers.

ADS shocks are a hybrid between a performance shock and a full race shock. While most applications are not requiring of full race shocks, many require better materials and features than a performance shock. The same materials and technology that you see on ADS sponsored race cars are the same as found in all of ADS' off the shelf and build to order products. ADS believes that every application deserves the best performing shock available. From the shock piston to the hardware, almost all of the parts that go into a trophy truck shock go into even our bolt-in oem replacement shocks. What this means is all out race performance without the all out race price. (See the difference between and ADS shock and a standard performance shock)

If you're looking for the ultimate mix of strength and performance look no further than ADS Racing Shocks.

The ADS Range:
Smooth Body
Air Bypass
Air Bumpstop