ADS Off Road Smooth Body Shocks

When people think of shocks the smooth body shock is what most people picture.
Smooth body shocks are designed to dampen the effects of coil springs and leaf springs. Shocks are not designed to support the weight of the vehicle, that is the job of the spring. Without a shock the vehicle spring will cause the vehicle to bounce or respond erratically when the spring comresses and decompresses.
When the suspension moves up and down the shock shaft moves up and down with the suspension. The shaft is attached to a piston which moves through oil inside the shock body. The viscosity of the oil and the valving on the piston dictate how quickly the piston moves through the fluid. This is what controlls the spring.
As the suspension moves up and down the kinetic energy created by the motion is converted to heat inside the shock. The heat is transferred to the fluid and then dissipated via the shock body.
A non-race and race smooth body shock look almost identical from the outside. A race quality shock will have a stronger piston, better seals, better fluid, and sometimes better shaft material. This results in a shock that can withstand more abuse and provide longer service life than the non-race version. Here are some of the features that set ADS Smooth Body Shocks apart from the competition:

Feature Benefit
Hard coat anodized Air Cylinder Quality (ACQ) aluminum reservoir with threaded cap The threaded cap provides a much stronger, and tighter, seal virtually insuring no contamination of the reservoir by dirt, water, grime, or other particles commonly found in the external environment.
Large spherical bearings in top and bottom caps Large spherical bearings provide increased strength, the ability to use larger hardware and the increased protection of metal on metal contact as the shock moves.
O-ring sealed, large diameter, steel lined high pressure reservoir hose. O-ring seal prevents risk of leak or contamination and steel lining provides 80X greater abrasion resistance compared to standard rubber. The larger diameter hose allows more fluid to flow between the reservoir and the shock body which results in more efficient cooling of the fluid.
Large surface area billet 303 stainless steel heim spacer material 303 stainless steel does not corrode over time and the large surface area results in a much higher failure tolerance.
Heat treated spring steel valve shim material Spring steel has a much higher yield strength insuring that the valve shims will not deform or break even after repeated shock g-outs.
7075 T6 Hard Anodized aluminum shock piston 7075 hard anodized aluminum is 63% harder than 6061 and over twice as strong, which makes the piston incredibly resistant to heat and warping, even under the most extreme conditions.
Induction hardened shaft material with 70RW chrome finish on 3" and larger diameter shocks Induction hardened material is significantly stronger than hardened shaft material. For extreme applications requiring large diameter shocks the induction hardened shaft will withstand forces that would snap hardened shafting.
6061 T6 aluminum with large spherical bearing and long body Larger spherical bearing allows for use of larger diameter hardware and long body offers more thread engagement resulting in a stronger connection between the end and the shock

ADS smooth body shocks are available in emulsion and reservoir styles, and like other ADS suspension components, are fully adjustable and can be rebuilt in your garage. ADS smooth body shocks can be completely disassembled using basic hand tools and ADS offers replacement parts and accessories so that smooth body shocks can be rebuilt, upgraded, or revalved, at home. If you would prefer ADS services your air bump stops we offer very reasonable rates and generally turn parts around within 10 business days.

Contact ADS, or an ADS distributor, today to learn more about ADS air bump stops and how they can improve the performance of your off road vehicle!