ADS UTV Shocks

UTVs and side-by-sides are quickly becoming the first choice for dedicated off-road vehicles.

Manufacturers design their UTVs to perform on a variety of terrains. A customer can buy a UTV and be reasonably assured that the vehicle will perform reasonably well racing trough the desert, driving through sand dunes, or crawling over rocks. The manufacturer has to design the suspension to work in all of those terrains and deliver a somewhat comfortable ride. Because UTVs are mass produced the suspension tends to be mass produced as well using lower quailty, higher margin, parts.
The result is a suspension that performs reasonably well but doesn't work all that great on any terrain. And by no means are factory suspensions designed to be raced or otherwise significantly abused.

Most UTV customers are content with the factory components and the factory ride. Then there are those customers who want the most performance out of their UTVs. This is where a high quality set of aftermarket shocks comes in.
Like our factory bolt-in shocks ADS uses the same race quality parts and technology in our UTV shocks. Other manufacturers use only slightly upgraded parts on their UTV offerings to keep prices down. Customers who put aftermarket shocks on their UTVs generally run them pretty hard and want to have a suspension that keeps pace with their aggressive style of driving. ADS' philosophy is simple, if it works on the race track it will work everywhere else.

ADS' race quality UTV shocks are an excellent choice for upgrading the suspension in your UTV. The shocks are completely rebuildable at home with basic hand tools. ADS sells replacement parts like seal kits and shock oil so you can keep your shocks in like-new condition.

ADS bolt-in shocks are available for the following makes of UTVs:

  • Arctic Cat
  • CanAm
  • Polaris