The ADS Story

"I'm probably going to have to slow down for this" thought Steve Kuker as he raced toward a road covered with whoops and ruts in his SCORE class 1 buggy.
As he approached the road the confidence in his suspension was starting fade just like his suspension had been doing due to the hours of abuse it had to withstand to get him to this point in the race. As he slowed down to navigate the whooped portion of the course he knew there had to be a way to upgrade his suspension so he could maintain the speed he wanted to run.
When he got home Steve took the shocks off his car and started to think about how he could make his shocks work better and it wasn't long before he realized that he needed to start fresh.

Because he is the owner of ADS Precision Machining Steve was able to sit down and design a shock that he felt would give him an advantage in the desert. Because of his racing and shock tuning experience he knew exactly what he wanted to change. He started by redesigning the shock piston to work more efficiently and he made it from a stronger material so that it did not succumb to the heat that was generated by the continual abuse of racing. He went on to redesign the shaft, shock body length, reservoir, and a host of other components of the shock until he was left with the first generation of ADS racing shock.

With his new shock design he was able to carry more speed through the race and it wasn't long before other racers started to take notice. They started to ask where they could buy shocks for their cars and ADS Racing Shocks was born.
Because Steve ran a successful machine shop he did not really think about making a business out of selling shocks. It wasn't until other racers began to tell Steve that his turnaround times were far better than the competition, his service and quality were excellent, and most of all his commitment to off-the roading community made him an obvious choice for shocks that he considered selling shocks as a business.

More than 20 years later ADS Off-Racing shocks is still making shocks for the off-road community. ADS continues to live the values of performance, longevity, and uncompromising support. These values can be seen and heard from our customers and racers in the stories they tell about getting live support in various places and how ADS stood behind their products in ways other manufactures would not. ADS employees are off-road enthusiasts and supporting customers is not just a job, it's their passion. This commitment can also be felt by the hundreds of hours of tuning we put into our OEM bolt-in shocks and the on-site support we give to the racing community.

It doesn't matter if you have a full blown class racer or a dual purpose daily driver, let ADS' years of experience in off-road racing and manufacturing give you a quality ride on the road and off the road.